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About Us

Pugh's Cacti is a small family business, started by Chris Pugh.  Chris provided a personal service to his customers with the aim of creating a trust-based relationship, something that we still strive to achieve in his absence. The business has been growing cacti in the Midlands since 1974, having our roots in Chris's hobby of collecting cacti as a boy. His hobby subsequently grew into the family business we are today.  We endeavour to promote interest in, and enthuse people about these fascinating and diverse plants, many of which are struggling to survive in their natural habitat.
Our speciality lies in having a wide range of species available to the retailer, a large portion of which are grown from seed and cuttings. Chris's interests extended to observing cacti in their natural habitats in South America, which allowed him to further his knowledge and help to re-introduce species into cultivation that have been lost, so assisting their conservation.

We offer: -

A wide range of high quality cacti and succulents

Accurately labelled plants with their full species names

Quality control throughout the entire process from production to display

Provision for specific plant requirements requested by your customers

Advice on the most effective display methods

Flexibility in the ordering and buying process to enable you to get just what you want

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