Displaying Cacti

Displaying Cacti for Sale

The following ideas are taken from displays we have seen over time and also some of our own suggestions.


All centres differ when it comes to size, style and types – so this section is a broad outline of what can be used to adapt them.
We know that often you have no choice when it comes to style and size, but height is the most important factor. Very low benches, which most houseplants are displayed on, are far too low for cacti, which need to be, ideally, at a height of 25-30 inches. Cacti are interesting and unusual plants and people often want to study them closely – difficult at knee height!
We generally recommend that smaller cacti are not set out individually, as they often get knocked over and damaged.


Surface on the bench

Setting plants out on gravel or sand looks good, but needs regular attention as plants fall over and get damaged easily.
A good option is to split the bench into two sections: Planted arrangements and the larger cacti in pots (12 cm up) are less likely to fall over, and can be individually set out on one section. This section can then be reserved for this ‘display look’. On the remaining section, plants can be left in the trays, which customers find easier to access.
Examples of good surface materials used are slabs, slate, gravel and wooden boarding. 


Point Of Sale

Pictures of cacti in-situ can be used as a bold colourful backdrop or hanging display. You can also use a striking desert backdrop to show off the cacti display, or possibly colourful material hangings.
We supply a range of point of sale material, including “caring for your cactus”, “how to get your cactus to flower again” and “how to care for your cactus garden”. We also have a selection of individual cards showing typical cacti of various genus and some basic points of information.



Smaller plants are best left in their trays (5.5 cm, 6.5 cm, and 8.5 cm) as these are already mixed and they are easier for customers pick up. This also stops them falling over and getting damaged.

Other ideas:

* Boxes – often a striking display can be achieved by painting plant trays in bright colours to show off the cacti in ‘Mexican’ style.
* Shelves – to show off plants and create the idea of how the plants or gardens will be displayed in the home.
* Cactus gardens can be put on a small table to highlight them or put amongst other planted arrangements